When I talk to students about their experience studying for the AZ-500 Azure Security exam, the number one request that I get is for more practice labs.

When I started working with these AZ-500 labs, I knew I had found something great.

There are a large collection of labs to choose from. Over 20 in this AZ-500 set.

The labs covered a wide-range of beginner and advanced topics in Azure. For instance, this one on VM Network Security.

What’s really cool is that you work with an Azure account that I give you. You don’t need to sign up for an account, or use your own one. No worries about the charges or the extra costs. That’s all built into them.

You work side-by-side with instructions and the actual Azure Portal. So you can easily follow along. Some labs are quite detailed (taking you step by step) while others give you tasks to perform and you have to figure out how to do it. This is great for learning.

Don’t worry, there are hints on what to do if you can’t quite figure it out.

Some labs are able to check your work. So they ask you to do something. After performing the task, you click the “Check” button. It will then ensure that you have followed the instructions well.

Azure doesn’t currently have performance lab questions, but this is exactly how Microsoft would test you in the real exam.

Video Demo of the Labs:

Here’s a 10-minute video where I show the labs in action so you can see what is inside.


What you get:

  • A collection of hands-on labs that cover the topics of the AZ-500 exam. Over 20+ labs at the moment, although the exact number changes over time.
  • 3 months of access to the labs included in this set. Each lab can be attempted 3 times.
  • Access to an Azure subscription that you can use to practice. Practice on my account, not yours.
  • No refunds on this purchase, once the code is activated.
  • You can wait as long as you wish to activate the code, however, access to the labs expires 3 months after code activation.
  • Note: it’s not possible to extend the expiry past 3 months for any reason.

Regular Price: $79.99

Special Price: $29.99 (63% off) with coupon 50OFF below.

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